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Having started multiple blogs before with various degrees of moderate success, I know of the dangers of crafting the About-page too early: you write down all your good intentions and once you press "publish", you struggle to live up to your grand aspiration. It would be much safer to do it with a portfolio of posts in your back pocket. However, I understand that it is a good idea to define the scope of the blog early on and that should be part of your about-page. Let's make this my ingoing hypothesis and if this blog turns out to become something completely different, I'm happy to change it.

As the tagline in the upper left says, this blog is a collection of thoughts on helping others be their best (you can call it leadership if you want to) and software as a strategy to change business models (I still have to write up what I actually mean by this). I deeply care about both topics. If you think of it as a Venn diagram, I like to spend my time in the space, where both circles overlap.

But why this blog?

Writing helps me organise my thoughts and typically improves my thinking along the way. Doing so publicly provides an incentive to be less sloppy. Also: sharing is caring and if somebody enjoys reading these notes, that will make me a delighted person.

What would this blog look like if it is successful?

Success would mean writing one longer piece every other week and sharing two or three articles each week. In other words: making the time to write regularly and thereby progress my thinking. That's all. That's quite a lot.

OK, but who are you?

I was born and raised in Northern Germany, my journey has been continually south - Bremen, Regensburg, Munich and now Melbourne, where I work as a program manager, i.e. gathering, filtering, abstracting, synthesizing and delivering information. I'm part of a small team in a large corporation that helps that bespoke corporation learn from high-growth software companies and startups. Before coming to Australia, I worked for six years as a strategy consultant and before that I did a degree in business IT. And now this ...

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The Author

Raging introvert, estimated to be 120% German. Passionate about photography. If Sheldon knocked on my door three times, I'd let him in.