HuffDuffer – The best tool that probably nobody knows


If you like podcasts, keep reading. If you don’t, you can stop here – the rest is probably not interesting for you.

Have you ever received a YouTube link to a talk that you wanted to watch, but never got around to it? Or did somebody recommend you this one episode of a podcast, but you didn’t want to subscribe to the entire podcast? HuffDuffer is a service that let’s you pinpoint interesting MP3 files so that they are automatically downloaded with your normal podcasting app. Here’s how it works:

  1. You find a link to the episode or YouTube talk that you’d like to listen to at a later time.
  2. You use a handy bookmarklet to pinpoint HuffDuffer to the file.
  3. That file is now added to your podcast and will be automatically downloaded by your podcasting app.

The service does a lot more and it does take a bit of time to set it up, but it is well worth the time investment. By the way, once you have set it up, here are the instructions to add the audio tracks of YouTube or Vimeo videos.

Give it a go here.

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