Managing Your Career Without a Manager

Asides / Leadership

Interesting post by Saswati Saha Mitra about how to take charge of your career in the absence of a manager/ leader to provide you with direction. Interestingly, the categories she lays out are also good ones to use as a manager to provide guidance to your team:

  • Craft: It was clearly vital to continue expanding my hands-on knowledge of how to do research and communicate its impact. With so many new tools and ideas emerging in our field all the time, I needed to dedicate some time to keeping up with them.
  • Connections: I also wanted to deepen the relationships I was making within WhatsApp and Meta, and to build a strong peer group that could help me learn how to do my job better.
  • Stretch opportunities: These are side projects that might fall outside of my daily remit, but would advance my growth by pushing me to explore new and interesting areas.
  • Organizational intelligence: I wanted to continue deepening my understanding of how Meta works and makes critical decisions.
Managing Your Career Without a Manager | by Saswati Saha Mitra | Meta Research | Medium