The Impulse Cooktop

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It is a rare feat for a stove top to be exciting, but this just sounds remarkable:

And then you learn that the stove has a battery in it, which means that unlike most other induction stoves, it can plug into a standard 120-volt outlet. You don’t have to get a pricy circuit upgrade, or an even pricier electrical panel upgrade, to install it.

Plus, the battery delivers enough power to boil a liter of water in 40 seconds. And you can still cook if the power goes out. And its eligible for a 30% tax credit.

And then, your brain explodes when you learn the battery is a smart energy storage device that can charge up when power is cheap in the morning so that you save money when you use it in the evening, when power prices are highest. You can also participate in programs that will pay you to dispatch power from your stove to the grid when demand is high.

Impulse Labs’ Sam D’Amico Explains How He Built a Mind-Blowing Stove – Heatmap News

I know, this is a completely random post, but I was just flabbergasted by this. This sounds amazing. Even the name is fun.


  1. Jennie says

    Super cool- love this kind of innovation in cooking. They need one with an integrated hood/blower.

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