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The days stack up


Austin Kleon is reflecting on 15 years of blogging and why he is still excited about it. It’s concise and insightful. His three main points: It’s a short read worth its time. It also contains great quote from Marc Weidenbaum on using writing to figure things out: Don’t leave writing to writers. Don’t delegate your area of interest and knowledge to people with stronger rhetorical resources. You’ll find your voice as you make your way. […]

Why We Long For the Most Difficult Days of Parenthood


Great perspective in The Atlantic about parenting young children by Stephanie H. Murray. The sociologist Daniel Gilbert once likened a day spent caring for a 3-year-old to a baseball game that remains scoreless until the bottom of the ninth. Fans remember the thrilling moments of the game-winning home run and not much else. […] Hindsight allows us to put suffering into context and recognize the purpose it served in our lives. Hohlbaum likened it to […]

Categories for journaling


Over the past few years, long-hand journaling helped me reflect and think through many personal and professional topics. Ofir Sharony offers a nice framework to establish a journaling routine. “Start by shutting down all interruptions: disable Slack mentions and email notifications, place your phone out of sight, and enter your flow by wearing your noise-canceling headset. Once you feel focused, go over today’s calendar, skim through your to-do list, and reflect [on one or more […]

Adam Grant – How to stop languishing


Earlier this year, Adam Grant hit the Zeitgeist with the word “languishing” (There’s a Name for the Blah You’re Feeling: It’s Called Languishing). The word describes the feeling of being joyless and aimless that most of have been experiencing over the past 18 months. I remember receiving links to the article from all over the world – typically with all caps and exclamation marks (“THAT!!!”, “ME!”, “Must read!”). I’m glad that he followed his discovery […]

24 hours


The blog of a wealth management firms is an unlikely place to find a meditation on the wonders of parenthood. It’s not always obvious and being in the phase of “terrible twos/ threes” provides plenty of growth opportunities on both sides of the parenting equation. I read it a few months ago and it’s still stuck in my head. They say the “days go slow but the years fly,” and as I sit here stewing […]

Collaborative Fund: Obvious Things That Are Easy To Ignore


Lots of wisdom in this post on the Collaborative Fund blog (which seems like an excellent collection of interesting posts). The post focuses on two core tenants: 1. It is impossible to feel wealthy if your expectations grow faster than your income. 2. Few things fuel denial and ignorance like luck, randomness, and change. Each is backed up by fun facts and anecdotes like this one about Stephen Hawking: In 2004 the New York Times interviewed Stephen […]

Hard to discover tips for macOS

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These days I spend little time on macOS, but I’m still a sucker for tips on how to use it better. Tristan Hume collected quite a few of them: Inspired by a few different conversations with friends who’ve switched to macOS where I give them a whole bunch of tips and recommendations I’ve learned about over many years which are super important to how I use my computer, but often quite hard to find out […]

Nike ad: You Can’t Stop Us


We are finally watching The Last Dance. In the nineties, while it was impressive to watch Michael Jordan from Germany and New Zealand, it must have been amazing being immersed in the frenzy up close in the US. Nike’s brand machinery was a big part. I was surprised to learn that it only kicked into gear with Michael Jordan. Good to see that they still got it: