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… and then?


Interesting contemplation about how recent advancements in AI will make us all more productive: You rush through the writing, the researching, the watching, the listening, you’re done with it, you get it behind you — and what is in front of you? … But in the more immediate future: you’re zipping through all these experiences in order to do what, exactly? Listen to another song at double-speed? Produce a bullet-point outline of another post that AI can […]

My new blogging machine

Technology / Tips and Tricks

A few months ago I tried out ChromeFlex. This is a version of ChromeOS that’s easy to install on traditional laptops. I had an old Surface Pro 3 machine which was collecting dust. It just waited for me to carry it to electronics recycling. As it turns out, ChromeFlex gave it another lease on life. The installation was easy. You create a bootable USB drive via a Chrome browser extension. Then you can choose whether […]

OKRs and tools

OKRs / Software

I used to pride myself in the belief that a shared document is all it takes to manage OKRs. As teams grow, so does complexity and entropy. At some point, it makes sense to invest in a proper OKR management tool.

Software is eating conferences – Microsoft Build and the digital transformation of conferences


May is traditionally the month where the big tech companies host their developer conferences. Google, Facebook and Microsoft all have their gatherings with Apple quickly following in June. When COVID hit, many in the tech scene wondered what would happen to conferences. The traditional format brought thousands of people together in one space to mingle and exchange ideas in close proximity. That no longer works in a COVID world. All the big tech companies responded […]

About this blog


Having started multiple blogs before with various degrees of moderate success, I know of the dangers of crafting the About-page too early: you write down all your good intentions and once you press “publish”, you struggle to live up to your grand aspiration. It would be much safer to do it with a portfolio of posts in your back pocket. However, I understand that it is a good idea to define the scope of the blog early on […]

What’s for lunch? Software is still hungry


Last week Tesla released a software update that added an autopilot mode to its cars. Earlier this year they made their cars faster – again, through a software update. GoPro doubled the frame rate of its cameras and added new picture modes. Good times, and also a good illustration of the differences between hardware- and software-driven businesses. If you work in an office, you probably have a phone on your desk. The functions may vary, but it’s essentially […]